Thursday, August 3, 2017

Advice To The Bride And Groom

Helen and I recently attended our granddaughter's wedding. During the reception, there was the dance (a waltz) where all of the married couples got out on the floor and little by little were ushered off until just the longest married couple remained, and we were "it". (52 years in September) So, the MC gave me the microphone and asked us to give the newly married couple some advice.
Here it is, short and sweet:
1. Forgive each other.
2. Lay down your lives for each other.
3. Give each other a big kiss at the end of the day.
There wasn't time for anymore than that. But there is so much more to say, isn't there?!
So I'd like to address and expand just the first two points above.
Marriage is the sacred, God ordained union of two imperfect people. The imperfections will cause hurts. So:
1. Forgive each other. This is so necessary.  Without it, we become bitter and complaining.
Also, since our marriages reflect the union of Jesus Christ and His bride:
2. Lay down your lives for each other. This also is so necessary.  Without it, we become isolated and self-centered.

However, we will eventually find out these are both humanly impossible. If we are aware of our need for help before things get too rough, good. Else, the enemy will start suggesting thoughts, such as, "Hey this isn't fair. I'm doing all of the forgiving," which is NOT true. Or, "I'm not happy," which probably is true.
What we need to do is to cry out to the LORD to fill each of us daily with the Spirit of God and enable both of us to do the impossible, which in this case is:
1. Forgive each other.
2. Lay down our lives for each other.
And don't wait for your spouse to go first! You pray!
The good new here is that the Lord God is eager to step in and deliver struggling marriages, if requested.
Helen and I have been there.
OK, some of you will ask, "Well, how come He didn't save my marriage?" I'm sorry that He didn't, and I know it was extremely painful, but I have no answer for you. Sorry.
There is so much more to say, isn't there?!!!!

Larry Carroll

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