Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Fresh Start

People value and celebrate a new year for various reasons.  One of them is, it is an opportunity for a fresh start.  Most people understand the need we have to flush out the old junk and start over again with a clean page or clean plate.

Other time periods have offered, and can still offer, similar opportunities for new beginnings.

In the Old Testament, the New Moon was a time that was celebrated for a purpose like this.

And we know the Sabbath Day provides, as a byproduct of worshiping the Lord, a refreshment to the worshiper.

However, Ecclesiastes 3:23 tells us that the mercies of the Lord God are new every morning.  Here we see that the Lord Himself restores us as we focus on Him and His presence - right here, right now.

And focusing on the Lord Jesus is a delight when He reveals His love and beauty to us.  He draws us to Himself as we see that love and beauty giving us an opportunity for a clean heart and new hope.


Larry Carroll